Catching the eye of the best and brightest in business means paying attention to details. You will never know who spots some lazy grammar, a spelling howler or a weary cliché in your advertising copy and then moves right along, certain of finding someone more professional to work with.

It’s simple enough get your hands on smart, compelling, carefully researched copywriting, thanks to the internet. It’s a service I offer, in fact – drop me a line. If, however, all you need is near-enough writing, there’s plenty of that, too. It may fool the search engines but leaves real people feeling uneasy, and it comes cheap.

Julian…soon built up a reputation for reliability and attention to detail…combined with…unfailing creativity…possesses a natural way with words and is both creatively gifted and professionally disciplined, traits which, as any editor will unfortunately tell you, do not often go hand in hand.
Iseult Larkin, Deputy Editor at LivingSocial

I can’t intentionally do that sort of clearance-rail writing. Sorry. 

a bank of skills and intellect that would be an asset to any company…hugely popular with colleagues and customers…His writing is also of the highest quality, sharp, intelligent and accessible with a signature of sharp wit and deft humour.
Michael Kane, Owner, Founder & Chief Taster at Curious Wines

I write advertising web content for a daily deals site and also contribute to the renovation, editing and refreshing of SEO-friendly specialist product copy for bubblebrothers.com, the first? Irish wine business to maintain a blog. You can see some of those early posts here.

If you’d like to make a distinguished impression on your readers, in print or online, and understand the difference that crisply written, accurate and concise marketing materials can make, don’t hesitate to get in touch. E-mail is probably best, but you’ll find me on twitter and LinkedIn too. If you’re in Ireland, we might arrange to meet for a chat. Otherwise, we have the technology.