Don’t care about spelling and grammar? 
You should, because people will notice, and judge. You can’t afford to seem less than professional.

Perhaps you are boring…
Nobody’s perfect – but your copy needs to be lively, arresting, and know when to stop.

First appearances matter.
When your first appearance has to be in writing, let me help you make the right impression with clear, convincing copy that fits your ambitions like a glove.

I write advertising web content for a daily deals site and also contribute to the renovation, editing and refreshing of SEO-friendly specialist product copy for bubblebrothers.com.

Maybe you’d like a quick word? Drop me a line.

a bank of skills and intellect that would be an asset to any company…hugely popular with colleagues and customers…His writing is also of the highest quality, sharp, intelligent and accessible with a signature of sharp wit and deft humour.
Michael Kane, Owner, Founder & Chief Taster at Curious Wines

Julian…soon built up a reputation for reliability and attention to detail…combined with…unfailing creativity…possesses a natural way with words and is both creatively gifted and professionally disciplined, traits which, as any editor will unfortunately tell you, do not often go hand in hand.
Iseult Larkin, Deputy Editor at LivingSocial