Champagne journalist

Here’s another one, a crafty slurp of champagne journalism, from recently launched women’s magazine Like, and thus only recently added to the carefully manicured portfolio of published pieces that I carry with me everywhere:

(This’ll take commitment, now: you’ll have to ‘open publication’ and then jump, or leaf idly, to page 53/60: the champagne and sparkling wine recommendations are on the right.

Seemed fairer to let the embed link put the whole mag. in rather than just my cutting, if that’s what it wanted to do.)

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A bit of autumn colour from a few weeks ago. At a certain point Parrotia persica, the Persian ironwood, also does a sulky shade of plum-bruise.

Parrotia persica at Annes Grove, Co. Cork, Ireland

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La moutarde m’est motée au nez

Mais c’est pas vrai… Dans les pays anglophones, il y en a qui savent conduire? Et qui, en plus, achètent de temps en temps des voitures neuves? Incroyable.

Pas besoin, en somme, de perdre trop de temps à viser les rosbifs & al. au niveau marketing. Donc ce n’est, à mon avis, que pour la forme que l’agence Care, choisi par Citroën pour lever le rideau sur la nouvelle C4 Cactus, ait confié à un stagiaire quelconque cette corvée de traduire en anglais la page Web exposant les “innovative services” à attendre lors de l’achat de cette véhicule :

CITROËN C4 CACTUS is also a new way to finance your vehicle. Like the mobile phone deals, CITROËN purchasing solutions in the form of monthly fee or per kilometer (depending on country).

Unique on the market, this offer covers all expenses for the duration of engagement outside fuel: finance, insurance and maintenance. For a fixed monthly motant, the customer has the possibility to decide on the level of finish of his car (equipment, engines …) and the level of service they really need without exceeding its budget (cover type, all inclusive or based on the mileage done …)

Citroen Cactus C4

vive la différance, &c.

You’re not telling me – I’m too long in the wine business explaining to winemakers that a native English speaker would be a great choice when it comes to getting your back labels written (une contrétiquette? A quoi ça pourrait servir?) – that slipshod English like that – motant, for crying out loud! – is intentional. If you want to give your ad. a whiff of France you put a lass in a beret or on a scooter on cobbles. You know the drill.

Consider me insulted, CARE, Citroën. I could have put that copy into good, engaging, comprehensible, mother-tongue English for you; and so could plenty of others. Why didn’t you make just a little effort? Aren’t you bothered about selling to English speakers?

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October 31, 2014. · 7:11 pm

Getting off the write foot

I put this site up thinking that there might be something left at the bottom of the throw it together and they might come jar left for me, seeing as at the time I was actually, demonstrably, writing for money.

Now I’m back to scraping a living from a variety of slithery and conventionally uncategorizable skills, but it seems a shame to take the site down: you never know.

So it’s back to the kind of sporadic blogging I began in 2006 or so, except this time it’s for nobody but me, which means much less wine and probably rather more gardening, as a reflection of current circumstances and because I’m hoping an occasional picture will do duty for a thousand words.

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